Whether you’re committed to having a healthy, happy body or you simply love indulging in massage and other bodywork, a membership with Therapeia ensures that you can enjoy regular treatments at discounted prices only members have access to.

With one, small investment, members receive an extensive list of benefits for their bodies, minds, and wallets.

Featured monthly member benefit
Of course, the real value of membership can’t be measured in only financial savings. Therapeia’s membership allows clients to achieve their greatest level of physical and mental health. Too often we wait to schedule a massage or chiropractic session until an injury or illness develops. Regularly scheduled therapeutic treatments are a powerful, proactive way to promote wellness, vitality and health.
A yearly visit is only able to erase the tension that clients accumulate from stress and daily life. Regular sessions not only restore clients back to normal, but with each session they improve the client’s base physical state. Rather than treating the symptoms of a problem area, such as a stiff neck, over and over again, Therapeia’s goal is to improve the client’s physical condition and erase the problem completely.
Membership benefits are non-transferable.

Members enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • 40% off any treatment the week of your birthday
  • 20% off EACH massage rebooked at checkout
  • 20% off chiropractic services
  • 10% off acupuncture sessions
  • 10% off endermologie packages
  • 10% off retail products
  • 10% off gift certificate purchases
  • 10% off for a friend when they come in with you (one use per friend)

Referral program: complimentary 60-minute massage when you refer four new clients or two new clients who become members within one year