60 ($107), 90 ($154.50), 120 ($202)
Our expertly trained staff draw upon techniques ranging from soothing Swedish to advanced Deep Tissue, and most everything in between to ensure that each massage is customized to fit our clients’ needs and requests.
Hot Stone
90($180), 120 ($215)
This slow stone massage allows for a continuous flow of heat to infuse the body, melting away tension and stress. The heat mobilizes connective tissue, gently releasing trigger points and adhesions, and the broad pressure of the stones makes deeper work less intense for the clients to receive, allowing greater results during each session. (NOTE: Hot Stone treatments do use a considerable amount of oil to facilitate the stones movement and protect the skin.)
60 ($107), 90 ($154.50), 120 ($202)
Prenatal training has given our therapists the tools to safely address low back pain, shoulder stress, swelling and balance issues common with pregnancy. A prenatal massage pairs specialized Swedish massage techniques with specific consideration for the comfort of the mother. Your therapist will settle you into a secure and restful position and gently work all stress and strain out of your body.
(NOTE: While prenatal massage is suggested for nearly all moms, there can be special considerations needed for the safety and comfort of mother and baby. Please acquire a doctors note for appointments made in the first trimester. Any involved complications as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc., will require a note as well.*)
60 ($107) 90 ($154.5 ) 180 ($202 )
Cranial sacral techniques work to detect the pulse of the brain, spinal column, and their fluids, attempting to normalize the rhythm with gentle manipulation of the head, neck and sacrum. Each session will feel like the therapist is gently holding your head. It does not typically involve Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, although a short Cranial session can be included at the end of a Therapeutic massage. Cranial-sacral work can be especially beneficial for clients with history of trauma to the head or sacrum. Sessions can provide relief from migraines, jaw tension, TMD, and even emotional and psychological issues.
Couples Massage
90 ($319), 120 ($409)
A great way for a massage enthusiast to introduce the benefits to their partner! With two clients per room, therapists accommodate most any style of massage. We recommend the classic massage as the best fit for the couple’s environment.

Head, Neck, Shoulder
60 ($107)
Focused work where all massage techniques are used to address specific needs.

Ultimate Foot
30 ($62)
Reflexology and pressure points on the feet can have a positive impact on all areas and systems of the body. Therapists pay special attention to the most reactive areas of the foot, incorporating fluidity and pressure into their movements across the foot. Available as an add on only.

Head, Face, Scalp
30 ($62)
Focussed attention on the eye area, jaw and muscles covering your cranium where tension is often held, contributing to migraines, headaches and neck pain. Available as an add on only.